Want to grow sales? Meditate

Professionals who take care of their mind and emotions for sure take care of their clients.

Last year I found myself hitting a flat line in my attempts to grow sales. After going through a deep self-search on both personal and professional level, the answer to the dilemma was unexpected and took me half way across the globe to the Himalayas to discover what was always at my disposal.

Meditation for me was related to yoga, spirituality, and even religion. However, I found more and more people in the business world turn to it because of its undoubtful benefits. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Intel long offering meditation classes to their employees. CEOs of various corporations have been relying on this tool for the last decades.

According to Harvard Business Review research, practicing meditation “affects brain areas related to perception, body awareness, pain tolerance, emotion regulation, introspection, complex thinking and sense of self.“ In short, this is the exercise for the brain to keep it healthy, the benefits of which are countless.

The simplest technique is to use what you have at your disposal every second and everywhere – your breath. It is the most accessible, yet often overlooked tool to help in meditation and to lighten the stress. The secret is that your mind always focuses on something, anything. Usually, it’s your schedule, emails, social media, recent meal, meetings, quarrel with a partner. The list goes on and on. Give your mind a different point of attention, like the breath, and your thoughts automatically lessen, while productivity surges.

The busiest city in America is already up to speed with meditations. The Path workshop teaches meditation as a tool for young New York professional. Every Monday dozens of ambitious and busy people shut down their cellphones for 45 minutes and come together to close their eyes and simply be.

“That was my first time meditating, and it had as extreme an effect as acupuncture has on me,” says Holly Jacobus, 25, who works in business development at a content marketing software platform. “… most people operate at a very high energy level. Meditation is a way to calm down and recognize what is really important. Otherwise, we’re just always running on autopilot.”

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami are catching up fast with offering meditations to the professional world. Miami-based company SattvaMe launched free guided meditation sessions for working professionals on Mondays and Wednesdays. Within 30 or 45 minute journeys you will find your brain going from a high speed to an entirely relaxed state.  

“We breathe, stretch and then meditate, which has done magic for me. Before I was unable to slow down my brain with just simple sitting meditation”, – said Rafael Esberard, 38, who is a regular at SattveMe meditation.

Since I started to meditate twice a day (recommended 20 minutes in the morning and the evening), my professional life got a new angle. The leads and opportunities began to come without even me trying. My relationships with my boss, colleagues, and friends are much lighter and enjoyable. I attract people with my calmness, centeredness, and positivity. They now ask me what do I do, instead of me telling them. It’s simple. Professionals who take care of their mind and emotions for sure caring for their clients.


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Oksana Esberard

Mindfulness at work coach and speaker, Oksana energizes, educates and transforms her audiences from stress to balance and well-being.

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