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Mindfulness At Work (55 to 90-minute workshop)

The stress epidemic has infected businesses all around the world. The “Mindfulness Cure” is finally approved by medical research and scientistic community. Add a modern twist and business practicality for the busy and skeptical professionals to make mindfulness in the workplace easy and accessible. Every employee feels debilitating effects of occupational pressure and anxiety at some point. Give your team tools to reverse the harmful effects of stress.

Explore What, Why, and How's of mindfulness in the workplace to keep the stress down and the spirits up.

Learn practical tools to recharge in a mindful way with easy to follow explanations and workplace examples.


  •            Format: Lunch-N-Learn (55 min) / Leadership Keynote (75 min)
  •            Location: Worksite Venue / Webinar
  •            Group size: Up to 100 people (larger groups upon request)
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Next Level You™

A 3-month mindfulness program designed to train focus and awareness in the workplace for sustained performance. To focus is a skill. Scientists discovered that 47% of the time employees minds wander without them noticing it. We empower professionals to reach the highest level of their potential by changing the limiting habit of mental check-out. Together we cultivate the quality of presence for optimal productivity.

Develop employees ability to focus on what is essential despite the distractions of busy environment.

Install mindfulness in the workplace that fits work schedule, culture, and goals.

Commit to employee wellness program that will bring the whole team to the next level of professional development.


A strategic combination of workshops, regular group sessions, and short mental exercises for progress and accountability.

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Next Level Team™

A 6-month mindfulness program designed to train resilience and open communication for team collaboration and coherence. Being mindful leads to emotional maturity and the ability to regulate the emotional states at-will. Once the emotions are in check, conversations align with what is essential and what are the action steps towards company success.

Educate the team on how to stay calm and present when others tend to get overwhelmed.

Incorporate mindfulness in the workplace techniques to change mental states on demand and respond instead of react in the face of a challenge.

Master the art of communication to maximize the power of cooperation and team dynamics.


Mindfulness consulting and strategic combination of workshops, regular group sessions, tools for progress and accountability.

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Next Level Culture™

A 12-month mindfulness program designed to bring the whole company to the next level. The program progresses from individual to team levels and creates a significant impact on the organizational culture. Together we build a supportive work environment and people-first business mentality with motivated, healthy, and engaged employees at the core of the company.

Transform company culture into the “people-first” business strategy to guarantee loyalty and commitment.

Create the environment of trust and psychological safety by ensuring the leadership composure.

Replace high healthcare costs and absenteeism with employee wellness program that works.


Mindfulness consulting, leadership training, and strategic combination of workshops, regular group sessions, tools for progress and accountability. Optional Celebration Event.

Request at contact@sattva.me.

Happy Clients

mindfulness in the workplace

“We have learned a tremendous amount with SattvaMe workshops, and most importantly, experienced its power first hand. Given the pressures of the modern business world, we wanted to bring new levels of energy and collaboration, and it was gratifying to watch Oksana maintain a positive and nurturing approach in engaging and uniting our employees. You will get tools and suggestions you can use immediately at work and even at home.”

Alexandre Soncini
North America General Manager at VTEX e-Commerce Cloud Software

mindfulness in the workplace

“If your organization takes an interest in the overall health and wellness of your employees and you are looking to improve team dynamics and business results, then contact SattvaMe. Oksana guided the Sr. Leadership Team at New Horizons South Florida through multiple mindfulness exercises at the beginning of our strategy meetings and the impact has been profound. We are more focused, creative, and collaborative and our meetings are far more productive. Give your team the gift of well-being and enjoy the impact in your workplace!”

Krista Wade
General Manager at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of South Florida

mindfulness in the workplace

“Sana cultivates openness, relaxation, and awareness, which includes awareness of your undisciplined, wandering mind. I loved how I felt after the Meditation Experience, as I was able to “Let Go” of thoughts that were no longer serving me. I effortlessly spent the day in the flow state and felt the positive, uplifting energy for the rest of the week.”

Jorge Brito
Lic. Real Estate Salesperson NYC | MIA | LA at COMPASS