Is Your Workplace A Source of Well-Being?

How many of your employees and co-workers are silently experiencing:

Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, Fear of Uncertainty, Caffeine and Alcohol Reliance?

And taking prescription medications for Sleep, Pain, and Digestive Issues?

Imagine your workplace as a source of wellness that energizes and fulfills leadership and employees to show up as their best selves and do inspiring work.

Do Your Employees and Leadership?

And to pretend like everything is okay because of the shame and guilt to admit that we are struggling!

At SattvaMe we create and restore employee mental wellness,
prevent burnout, and elevate well-being at work and beyond.


Our Training is Practical, Live, Holistic.

Let’s Put Down The Fires Of Uncertainty

Employee + Leadership
Virtual Participatory Programs

Mental Wellness


Well-Being In Action

8-week Program

Going Global


Deliverable: Choose from the menu of proven customized topics that will take your employees and leadership off the stress and anxiety ledge into a space of well-being and possibility.

Employees and Leaders will:

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(20 employees minimum)

Deliverable: An immersive wellness program to reduce work-related stress and anxiety. We train the skills of self-regulation, awareness, and well-being.

Employees and Leaders will:

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(20 employees minimum)

Deliverable: A customized approach towards employee well-being  in the context of the company culture, impact, and across multiple geographical zones.

Employees and Leaders will:

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(50 employees minimum)

Explore Our Virtual Participatory Programs for Employees + Leadership

Habit Starter


Wellness Starter


Deliverable: A practical toolkit to establish the habit of taking effective short breaks during the work hours for improved focus, energy levels, and greater productivity

Employees and Leaders will:

$59 per person per month (USD)*
(20 participants minimum)

Stress Relief


Deliverable: An immersive program to reduce chronic stress, anxiety, and fear of uncertainty. We train the skills of self-regulation, awareness, and wellbeing.

Employees and Leaders will:

$99 per person per month (USD)*

(20 participants minimum)

Next Level


Deliverable: A customized approach towards employee wellbeing  in the context of the company culture, legacy, and organizational success.

Employees and Leaders will:

$129 per person per month(USD)*
(50 participants minimum)

What is the right fit for your organization?

RIO on Employee Well-Being Programs:
(industry reports)


Team’s buy-in and engagement level in the program (industry standard is 10-20%)


Reduced healthcare costs within the organization, depending on the type of the program

Value On Investment

Productivity, Retention, Engagement,
Well-Being & Happiness

Our participants report improvements in focus, clarity,
productivity, sleep, and overall sense of well-being.

Happy Clients

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Hear It From Our Clients

What Employees Are Saying:

"… these sessions have been incredibly helpful for sanity’s sake (particularly now during this challenging time) specifically to learn varied breathing exercises while all my faculties oscillate between work, homeschool teaching, co-working with my partner and parenting in the midst of a global pandemic. I appreciate the investment and plan to continue participating."
"Thank you for a very well done webinar last week – I personally have been really struggling for the last several weeks, and trying to still be an effective worker and leader for my team has been especially trying. Above all, your talk really made me feel seen because I could relate so heavily."

"The mindful breaks helped to reduce the tension I have had in my shoulders and back from sitting so many hours on the computer. Thank you for helping us release these tensions. Very appreciative of our Company for helping us through these times that are weighing down.”
“With everything going on in the world, and the inherent uncertainty, your classes were a great break from the day. I found that for a short time, I did not think of all I could not control and was present in your guided class. It was a great mid-day break, and I hope we can continue.”
“Thanks again for all of your help and coaching throughout this period. It has been helpful to me.”

“Taking a mid-day break for 15 min De-Stress sessions with Oksana was exactly what I needed to be able to stay grounded during this stressful transition period. It was great to be able to stop everything and have a scheduled daily “me time” which is so important when juggling multiple responsibilities and trying to meet everyone’s needs: clients, staff, superiors, kids, and a husband. I believe that mindfulness is a great way to relieve anxiety, stress, worry and help people stay focused and productive during the time of uncertainty.”